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Planet joop wax melt shot pot

Planet Joop Wax Melt Shot pots (2oz)

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Planet Joop Wax Melt Shot pots (2oz)

Our version of a popular men’s aftershave. Warm spicy cologne. Fresh orange blossom, spicy cinnamon and sensual amber. Similar in identity and style to a popular designer fragrance. 


Our wax melt shot pots are 2oz pots of wax filled with a scent of your choice.

Just chop a piece of wax and place straight onto your wax melt burner / warmer.

Highly scented and long lasting available in a large selection of fragrances to suit every home.

Just one piece of our wax melt shot pots will typically give 12-16 hours of scent throw.

These products are handmade so colours may vary. Approx. 43g of wax per pot.